Configuration options

Enable Viacam provides a complete configuration options dialogue that allows to fully customize its operation. This dialogue is divided in two main categories. General options, where you can adjust the camera settings, work with profiles and choose the language, and the Profile options, where you can configure all the application features to best fit your needs.

General options

Profile management

Profiles allows to save or restore by name all Profile options settings. It is useful when many users of Enable Viacam share the same logon session.



Allows to choose the language.

Profile options


These values should be properly tuned to obtain the best user experience. It is recommended to follow the Configuration wizard to set them up properly.



Click window

The Click Window is a small bar that allows to choose the action (left button, right button, drag & drop, and double click) that will be generated when using the Dwell Click mode.

Options of the Click window:

The meaning of each button is as follows:

Gesture click

See also click modes


A set of functions can be associated to direct key presses (hotkeys) for faster access. To enable one of them just tick the appropriate check box. Press the 'Set key' button to configure the desired key.



On-screen keyboard command

Allows to select the command which opens the on-screen keyboard.

Face localization

Enable Viacam is able to robustly detect the presence and location of your face. This allows to automatically centre the tracking area which improves the overall user experience.

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